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OPM Resource Hub - Management Options

If you find OPM is it important that you report it. Please report any findings to TreeAlert.

The Forestry Commission leads an annual programme of work to manage OPM, with the approach varying depending on what part of England an infested oak tree is in. Currently the management programme involves the following areas:

If you own an infested oak tree on a site with public access you should assess the risks OPM poses on your site and consider implementing a Risk-Based Approach to OPM management. This may involve developing an OPM management plan and selecting the appropriate method depending on the level of risk.

You will have some management options available to you in the established area which allow you to consider your site objectives, level of risk and resources available to you. It is possible that more than one of these will be appropriate for your site and you may decide to employ different approaches in different areas of the site in response to different risks.

If OPM is found in the Buffer or Pest Free Area it is likely that you will receive a Statutory Plant Health Notice (SPHN) which will include instructions for what you should do. A government led management programme operates in these areas, including in many cases support to treat OPM.

More information is provided about the different management options:

pdf document for Chemical Control Chemical Control (PDF) printer icon

pdf document for Nest Removal Nest Removal (PDF) printer icon

pdf document for Signage, Restricting Access and Communications Signage, Restricting Access and Communications (PDF) printer icon

pdf document for Natural Predation Natural Predation printer icon

pdf document for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Case Study Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Case Study printer icon

Government is funding a programme of research to explore alternative management options for OPM, so it’s worth checking these pages regularly to see if new information is available.